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Click here for the 2010 Finalists

Congratulations to all the Finalists whose work was selected to appear in The National Knitted Textile Showcase

Overall Prize Winner Deryn Relph
 Fashion Prize: Samantha Brooke
Hand Knitting Prize: Emma Philpot
3D Home Furnishing Prize: Cassie Anne Worman
Craft Council Award: Cassie Anne Worman
Craft Council Award: Amber Hards

Craft Council Award: Orawee Choedamphai

Debbie Bliss Award: Orawee Choedamphai




Buckingham New University
Nottingham Trent University
Winchester School of Art
An interior fabric collection that explores the theme of Collective Composition. The screens are a unity of geometric shapes, taking inspiration from Mondrian, Theo Van Doesburg and Frank LLoyd Wright. Featuring rich tones and distinctive black lines the collection could be used as hanging blinds or simply as a piece to exhibit.
My collection was inspired by 'Waterfalls': I explored the movement and motion of water at all stages of the falling water in great detail, and then related the textures I found to the body, using the medium of knit in new ways to create interesting and original pieces.
'Blending in/Standing Out' is an Autumn-Winter 10/11 collection based on street culture. I looked at architecture that typically blended into the London skyline; I was interested in the relationship between street cultures and their surroundings. Having a place to congregate is an important factor in street culture and I created a collection using colours and patterns that I found in buildings around London in order to create a sort of paradox where statement fashion can be influenced by overlooked, common forms. 


Nottingham Trent University
Chelsea College of Art and Design
Buckingham New University
Starting point:  'Visualising the internet'I wanted to create a visually complex, intricate knit to demonstrate how we are surrounded by, and dependant on the internet in this digital age.  As well as making beautiful, detailed and structured garments
and they came from outer space.
This collection of knitted space jumpsuits is inspired by 1960's science fiction. All the colours and graphics are taken from photographs of original science fiction magazine and book covers from the space race era.
Fourth Dimension
A series of three-dimensional knitted ornaments inspired by Lego that could be linked together to form bigger structures. Unconventional materials such as wire and cable ties used alongside traditional craft skill creates contrast and adds sense of femininity into a masculine environment. The sculptures could be used as interior solution to enhance, confine or divide space.


Ravensbourne London
Buckinghamshire New University
Manchester School of Art
I wanted to create the story of "Welcome to Kodiak island, Alaska". A quirky take on an island very much stuck behind the times of a buzzing America. A knitwear collection with a remote small town, patriotic feel to it. Home to my aunt, uncle, their truck, their dog and the grizzly bears. America's last frontier.
Tetrahedral Tent For this piece I took inspiration from geometric shape. I wanted to explore properties such as colour, texture, and material composition. By integrating knitted sections alongside beaded elements I was able to create a unique fabric. I hope to expand this concept and create a contemporary couture fashion range using the same technique
Inspired by the shapes, colours and surface qualities found at fish markets, I am intrigued by the contradictory themes that surround things of beauty and disgust. I employ a contemporary interpretation of traditional techniques such as crochet, knotting and beadwork, applying an experimental approach to create conceptual jewellery pieces.


University of the West of England
Nottingham Trent University 
Buckinghamshire New University
My collection was based on the concept of jellyfish, using their form, texture, movement and transparency to inform intricate knit swatches. Using mainly nylon monofilament and lycra, I contrasted a high stretch yarn and a non stretch to create voluminous and unique knitwear. I tried to experiment with form and texture in an innovative way, looking at knitwear from a different angle.
My jewellery collection encapsulates glass in knitted structures, the two materials are fused together to create a unique composite textile. My work plays with the boundaries of hard and soft, the delicate knitted net like structures contrasting with the hard semi translucent quality of the glass.
My aim was to create an interior collection of unique and luxurious accessories that were influenced by an eclectic mix of eastern inspired craft and Hermitage opulence. I chose to work into the knitted canvas using embroidery and beading to create tactile and sophisticated surface textures.


Colchester School of Art and Design
Nottingham Trent University
Bath Spa University
Natural Fusion
Extremely large, over the top chunky knits wrap and sculpt the models. A collection of knit that has been inspired by twisting roots and powerful trees that sculpt the British landscapes. The colours have been inspired by natural stones of the British coast. The knit seems to be growing and almost becoming an organic mass engulfing the wearer.
My final collection was inspired by a medical condition called PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), a disease which cannot be cured but may be controlled by medication, dialysis and transplant. I used a variety of crochet and machine knitting techniques to explore the internal details and treatments. 
My work combines a love for traditional knitting techniques and a vested interest in aeroplanes. My most recent collection 'In Flight' plays on the relationships between animal and aircraft, introducing owls and ducks alongside my aeroplanes.


Winchester School of Art
Herriott Watt University
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
'Retro Rainbow Rejuvenation'
Inspired by the 'future potential' of seeds, 'Retro Rainbow Rejuvenation' exploits the properties of knitted textiles and a variety of techniques to explore the possibilities of reinventing interiors. By evoking an emotional response through use of colour and nostalgic 'retro' elements it hopes to foster stronger attachments to objects, so addressing sustainability
The intention of this collection was to create women's knitted garments which would explore patchwork, knitted structures and pattern whilst also embracing a life-long love of embellishment as a way of creating an overall appearance of fun and excitement. Inspired by the silhouette and pattern placement in the works of Sonia Delauney, Zandra Rhodes and Bill Gibbs, this collection pays homage to the freeform, carefree styles of the 60s and 70s.
Tactile appeal is vital in a product for the home; I have therefore created a collection of contemporary knitted cushions with dimensional surfaces, making them irresistible to touch.  Colour is also a focus in this collection, with a palette being compiled to follow trends for S/S 2011.


Nottingham Trent University
University of Huddersfield
The aim of my project is to create Techno-Gothic fashion. This style has both Techno and Gothic elements. When these elements are combined together, I believe a new style can be created. To express this style, I have used hand crafted and digital techniques. As my garments are both hand and digitally manipulated, I believe they appeal to a customer who appreciates the dramatic impact created by the fusion of Techno-Gothic. My garments are designed for musicians and performers who have the confidence to wear dramatic styles
The themes around my work originate from places I have been to, cities travelled to. I am inspired by the linear qualities I can recognise in city features-street alleys, brickwork, silhouettes and skylines. In this work, I have transformed these features into a structured form of colour and pattern, turning the familiar into an unrecognisable design through the medium of knit.


Ravensbourne College
Loughborough University
I am a third year fashion student studying knitwear at Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication, London. Inspired by playful robotics, found objects and eccentricity, I use unconventional materials such as hand painted metal washers, rubber and wire- wrapped metal rings, plastic tiddly-winks, electrical tape and experimental knitting and stitching techniques to create innovative, unique and decorative knitwear
My body of work develops processes which intertwine modern laser cut acrylic pieces with traditional crochet and knitting yarn techniques varying in colour and texture. The intention is to intertwine the contrasting skills to create something unique, whilst appreciating and respecting the old embracing its potential in a modern context through the fusing of materials.







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