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Current challenges involving knitting

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Kirstie Allsopp And The Handmade Fair Smash Pompom World Record for Sense! (22.09.14)

Click here for news of the new world record

Tsunami Survivors Make Giant Blanket From Knitters’ Donated Squares (22.09.14)

Click here to read more about this Guinness record

New Record For Longest Scarf While Running A Marathon (19.10.13)

Click here for details - previously held by Susie Hewer, who in 2008 at the Flora London Marathon made a scarf measuring 5 feet, 2 inches long

Readers of Women's Weekly Gain New Guinness Record For Longest Knitted Bunting (30.07.13)

Click here for details

New Guinness World Record Attempt For Longest Knitted Bunting At Hull Folk Festival 30/31 August (08.07.13)

Click here for more details

Tunbridge Wells, Kent: New Guinness World Record attempt for the longest string of knitted bunting taking place on July 8th

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Scotland: The Big Knit 2013; Guinness Attempt For Most People Knitting In One Place At The Same Time (June 13)

Dundee is hosting a bid for the Guinness Book of Records on Sunday 8th September 2013. It’s to be held at Tannadice, the home of Dundee United Football club. Doors open at 14:00 and the record bid begins at 15:00. To break the (American) record 3,010 knitters are required. All monetary donations are towards the Alzheimer’s Organisation.

Kent Online: "Sittingbourne Knitter Ted Hannaford Strings Out Record To Over 17 Miles..." (February 13)

Click here for latest update on the French Knitting World Record

World's Largest Hand Knitted Blanket: Alzheimer Scotland (November 13)

The current record stands at 557.34 squared meters and is held by The Ladies of Hatfield Christian Church (South Africa). Alzheimer Scotland (Argyll and Clyde) are attempting to beat the current world record.

Click here for latest update

3,083 WI members knitted their way into the Guinness Book of World Records in May this year during the NFWI AGM at the Royal Albert Hall, London, by breaking the record for the most people knitting simultaneously for fifteen minutes. (September 12)

Click hereto read more under 'Linking Up'

Largest Knitted Blanket Record attempt in South Africa in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday (July 12)

Click here for details

WI members attempted to knit their way into the Guinness Book of World Records during the meeting by breaking the record for the most people knitting simultaneously to celebrate traditional craft skills. The record attempt was undertaken with support from the Crafts Council and the UK Handknitting Association to commemorate the Crafts Club initiative. (May 12)

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BBC Afternoon Show will attempt a new World Record at Coventry Cathedral for Largest Number Of People Knitting Simultaneously on Thursday 12th April 2012 (March 12)

Click here for more details

Largest Knitted Coat (June 11)

Click here to read how Children and parishioners in Stockport have broken the world record for the largest coat

The Largest Number Of People Knitting Simultaneously: New Guinness Record Achieved 30.04.11 (May 11)

This Irish challenge was successfully completed with a total of 1147 knitters knitting simultaneously. The previous record was 937

Click for more details

Women's Weekly (April 11)

As part of Woman's Weekly's Centenary celebrations, an attempt is being made on the World Record for knitted bunting which currently stands at 8,982ft 0.04i. Deadline 19th September 2011.

Click here to find out how you can take part

Knitathon At Coventry Cathedral (February 11)

Coventry University students are contributing to a world record breaking event in order to raise money for Comic Relief by participating in a 'Knit-a-thon'.

The current world record for a knitathon stands at 937 and the rules are that they have to be knitting simultaneously for fifteen minutes. The organisers of the Coventry knitathon would like to beat that and achieve 1,000 participants and in order to do so, they are desperately in need of more people to take part.

The event will take place in Coventry Cathedral on Thursday, 17 March and begin at 5.30 pm.

Click here for more information and details of how to take part

Click here to find out how they got on

The Largest Number Of People Knitting Simultaneously (January 11)

Michelle Fallon from Northern Ireland, is hoping to beat the World Record on Saturday 30 April 2011

Click here to contact Michelle if you would like to take part

The World's Biggest Cardigan (February 10)

Jean Westbrook, a third year art student's, is calling on Maccesfield knitters to help her win the title of World's Biggest Cardigan

Click here for more information

Click here to contact Jean

Longest Football Scarf (September 09)

This campaign has now finished as England’s bid for 2018 World Cup was unsuccessful.

The Most Number of People Knitting Simultaneously: (August 09)

At the recent Sock Summit (Portland Oregon, USA), the organisers set out to gain a new World Record, 'The Most Number of People Knitting Simultaneously'. The attempt was made on Friday, the 7th of August at 12:15 with hopefully 1600 knitters and we are now waiting to hear if they were successful.

Click here for more information

Largest Sock (May 09)

Bigsock started in October 2006, when Joanna Ratcliffe decided to hold a charity knitting event for National Knitting Week in the UK. The original idea was just a giant circular knit, but just days before the event the idea of creating a giant record breaking sock was born.

The current record for the largest handknit sock which measured 4.95 x 4.3 x 1.9 metres is held by the Sheep Farmers Association of Austria.

Bigsock consists of 1,500 stitches cast onto circular needles and measures 7metres in diameter. It is estimated that the sock knitted to scale needs to be 4 metres long before the heel is turned.

The aim is for the sock to travel around the world being knit by as many people as possible, schools, knitting guilds, knitting groups, everyone who wants to get involved is welcome to contact us and register to host the sock in their town or city or village.

Click here to follow the Big Sock as it travels around the world

Largest Tea Cosy (April 09)

A new Guinness World Record has been set by BUPA care homes across the UK. They have been knitting the world's biggest tea cosy to help raise awareness of loneliness concerning elderly people

Click here for news from Watford and Elstree homes

Click here for news from Ilkey and Burnley-in-Wharfedale homes

World's Fastest Knitter (February 08)

The International Finals took place on 16th-17th February in 'Mall Of America', in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Hazel Tindall from Shetland became the World's Fastest Knitter, achieving 262 stitches in three minutes on 16th February 2008.

Click here to see Hazel in action

All images courtesy of Hook and Needle Designs

Speed Knitters: from left Wannietta Prescord (Canada), Miriam Tegals (Netherlands), Hazel Tindall (UK), Lisa Gentry (USA) and Ariella Lecuyer (France) Speed Crocheters Lisa Gentry (USA)and Jodi Cameron (Canada) Speed Knitters after the competition Hazel Tindall holding Shetland flag and International Speed Knitting Trophy

Longest Cashmere Scarf To Be Knitted In Yellow (November 07)

A Hawick-based knitwear design team is poised to break a new record by knitting the longest cashmere scarf in the world for the prestigious Selfridges store in London.

Click here for further information

Fastest Knitter: Guinness Book Of Records Attempt (August 2006)

Miriam Tegels will attempt to beat the record for the most number of stitches knitted in one minute, this coming Saturday 26th August. The event will take place at Swalmen in The Netherlands and be witnessed by the mayor, Mr Denie and by Carla Meijsen a designer and craft writer. The attempt will be judged over 1 minute where 120 st. are on the 4 mm. needles and 4ply wool is used. The current record is held by Gwen Matthewman from West Yorkshire who achieved a speed of 111 stitches in one minute.

Guinness World Records - Current Knitted Related World Record Holders

World Record for Knitting with the Largest Needles

Julia knitted a tension square of ten stitches and ten rows in stocking stitch using knitting needles that were 6.5cm in diameter and 3.5 meters long. These were  ten times the size of a standard 6.5mm and 35cm long knitting needle. The yarn was rope of 12mm in diameter.



Guinnesss World Record: Fastest Knitter

As from 9th December 2006, Miriam Tegals from The Netherlands has been declared the new record holder by achieving 118 stitches per minute. In February 2008, Hazel Tindell knitted 262 stitches in three minutes, beating Miriam's record. As this was not recognised by The Guinness Book Of Records, Miriam remains the Guinness World Record Holder.



The World's Longest Scarf

Measuring the scarf at The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff
Brian Main, chief executive of Feed The Children with the scarf
Sections of the scarf are mounted and then sold

The Ty Hafan scarf, at 33 miles long, is the longest scarf in the world.  It was hand knitted by over 2,000 people in Wales to raise money for Ty Hafan Children's Hospice and then donated to Feed The Children on the basis that having raised money for the hospice it could now help other children in other parts of the world, the scarf beats the previous world record of 21 miles. Sue Mayo and Maureen Teague launched the village knitathon and for 18 months until February 2005, a team of dedicated grannies and friends knitted with the aim to get into the Guinness Book of Records.  The scarf was then collected by Liz Rollins of Ty Hafan, near Abergavenny, and taken back to the hospice where it was joined up with other scarves knitted by groups across Wales.

World's Fastest Crocheter

On 25th June 2005 Lisa Gentry from Chatham, Louisiana in USA broke the World Record by crocheting 170 stitches in one minute. This beat the former record of 147 crocheted stitches per minute, held by Barbara Jean Sonntag of Craig, Colombia, Guinness champion since 1981.

Lisa crocheted 5112 stitches in 30 min. = 170 sts/min



World's Fastest Knitter

On 29th September 1980, Gwen Matthewman from West Yorkshire became the World's Fastest Knitter. She achieved a speed of 111 stitches per minute.

World's Longest Piece Of French Knitting

Ted Hannaford of Sittingbourne Kent began working on a piece of French Knitting in 1989. By 1998, it measured 7 miles & 70 yards

World's Longest Piece Of Crochet

On 14th July 1986, Ria van der Honing of The Netherlands completed a 38 mile, 1,1471 long crochet chain.

Click here for more Knitting World Records





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