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Speed Knitting & Crochet at Ruthin Crafts Centre, Denbighshire, 21st May 2009

A speed knitting versus speed crochet event was held at Ruthin Crafts Centre on 21st May, in conjuction with Sophie Horton, Artist in Residence. Two teams, one in each discipline, stitched their stuff against each other and the clock, to see who could create the longest and most colourful ribbon of textile beauty.  

Click here to read about the event and the outcome

Speed Creative Exhibitions Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London 9-12 October 2008

Miriam Tegels
Marie-Alice Morisset

Speed Knitters Miriam Tegels (Netherlands) and Marie-Alice Morisset (France), will be attending this event during the week-end 11-12 October.

See below for more details

Click here for further information about the show

Speed Knitting at the Handarbeit and Hobby Show in Cologne 4-6 April 2008

Miriam Tegels with competitors
New German champion, Angela Mühlpfordt

Guinness World record holder Miriam Tegals hosted the German Speed Knitting Finals at the Handarbeit and Hobby Show in Cologne. 156 knitters took part in the competition, 11 of which knitted over 200 stitches in three minutes. The new German champion is Angela Mühlpfordt who achieved 220 in three minutes, second joint place were Doris Wingerath and Ursula Barth with 216 stitches

French Speed Knitting At L'Aiguille en Fête Show, Paris March 2008

In March 2008 in Paris more than 357 knitters gathered for France's 3rd official speed knitting contest. The new French record breaker is Marie-Alice Morisset who scored a total of 240 stitches, beating former French champion Ariella Lecuyer by 27 stitches.

Participants came from all over France and various countries such as Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Cambodia, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Japan, Spain. Amoung the young participants, it is important to note 11 year old Marion Fernandes who scored  111 stitches!

In Association with the CYCA (Craft Yarn Council of America), the International Finals took place on 16th-17th February 2008 in 'Mall Of America', in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

On 16th February 2008, Hazel Tindall from Shetland became the World's Fastest Knitter, achieving 262 stitches in three minutes.

Click here to view Hazel in action

All images courtesy of Hook and Needle Designs

Hazel Tindall holding Shetland flag and International Speed Knitting Trophy
Mary Colucci of the CYCA, presents winner Lisa Gentry with International Speed Crochet Trophy
Lisa Gentry and Jodi Cameron with Rick Caron of Coats and Clerk


Speed Knitters: from left Wannietta Prescord (Canada), Miriam Tegals (Netherlands), Hazel Tindall (UK), Lisa Gentry (USA) and Ariella Lecuyer (France)
Speed Knitters after the competition
Speed Crocheters Lisa Gentry (USA)and Jodi Cameron (Canada)
Speed Crocheters with Mary Colucci and Rick Caron

Click here for Speed Knitting and Crocheting Results

Click here for report from Hazel Tindall

Click here to read details of the Schedule for 16 February 2008

Click here for latest information about the World Finals to be held in America 2008

Click here to read more about 'Mall of America Knit-Out and Crochet 2008'


Details of Speed Challenges

Fastest Knitter and Crocheter in New Zealand: Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand on 16th June 2007

Knitting: Elaine Gousmett, from Upper Hutt, near Wellington, completed 204 stitches in 3 minutes which is a new New Zealand record

Crocheting: Billie Mutton, from Porirua, near Wellington, completed 82 trebles in 3 minutes which is also a new New Zealand record

Click here for further information

The UK Speed Knitting Heats: Creative Exhibitions Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate 23 - 26 November 2006

Click here for Speed Knitting Results

Fast knitters will check their speeds for 3 minutes in a specially designated area where they will be timed. The Speed Knitting will take place on a stand alongside the 'Relax and Knit' area at both NEC and Harrogate but at Alexandra Palace this will be sited in the Woman's Weekly section. Each day, and at the end of each show, we will record the fastest. This year we are also inviting Knitting and Stitching Show visitors from abroad to enter - they would do so on behalf of their own country. This means that if someone from France enters they can check their speed against their own countries fastest record and if they are the fastest in France, for example, they can enter the world contest on behalf of France.  

The world contest will take place in New York in February 2008 (For details, see above). The BHKC will sponsor the fastest British contestant.  Other nationalities need to get sponsorship from equivalent organisations or from elsewhere.
In order to compete for the world title it will be necessary to travel to the contest in Minneapolis in Spring 2008 to compete with the American fastest.

Speed Contests in Europe in 2006

November 18th 2006: 'Van Nelle Ontwerp Fabrick' in Rotterdam

Miriam Tegals

On November 18th the first National Stitch & Bitch event was held in Rotterdam.

Part of the event was the national championship/challenge in speedknitting. Over 50 knitters joined in the competition.
Miriam Tegels won the competion by knitting 298 stitches in 3 minutes and now holds the official Dutch record for the fastest knitter.

Miriam is currently awaiting official confirmation from Guinness World Records for being the World's Fastest Knitter. Earlier this year she achieved a staggering average of 118 stitches in one minute!

Miriam has now been declared The World's Fastest Knitter as from 9th December 2006.


Speed Contests in Europe in 2006

October 12th - 15th 2006: Creative Exhibitions Knitting & Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London

Miriam Tegels (Dutch champion), Gisela Engel (German champion) and Alda Tucker (South African champion) with satelite link to Francis Jago in Cornwall
Alda Tucker with fellow Speed Knitters

Click here for Speed Knitting Results

Click here for latest Speed Knitting Press Release

Speed Contests in South Africa

July 2006 : New Fastest Knitter

Alta Tucker, a bookkeeper from George, is South Africa‘s fastest knitter. She broke the national record by knitting 178 stitches in three minutes. The previous record of 162 stitches was broken while competing against 70 local contestants during the Southern Cape fastest knitter competition in George.

Speed Contests in Europe in 2006

March 31st - April 2nd 06: at 'Handarbeit and Hobby' in Cologne

Click here for Press release

Photos of the Speed Knitting Challenge held recently in Cologne

Trophy for the Winner of the First German Speed Knitting Contest
Suzanne Scholz of Hobby Art with overall winner Gisela Engel and Miriam Tegels
Frans Tegels writing up the results of contestants
Miriam Tegels with the fastest knitter of the final day

The Cologne Speed Challenge was a great success for all those who took part and another contest is already being planned for next year. Gisela Engel was the overall winner of the competition, completing 237 stitches in 3 minutes. On the last day Miriam sewed all the pieces of knitting together to make a 4 metre long scarf.

Speed Contests in Europe in 2006

10th -12th March 06: at "l'Aiguille en Fête" in Paris

Click here for more information

Click here for details of the results of the Speed Knitting Contest

Speed Contests in Europe in 2005

Swiss Fastest Knitter Championships

On Sunday November 20th 2005, the first Swiss Knitting Championships were held in Kirchberg, Switzerland.

The aim of the competition was to cast on 40 stitches and knit as many rows as possible in 60 minutes. Needles were clicking away at a "hair-raising speed", commented the organizers. In just one hour, Mrs. Helen Rehmann managed to knit the front of a jumper. In the men's group, however, the fastest male knitter knitted a piece the size of a large handkerchief.

Having knit 5904 stitches in 60 minutes (equal to more than one and a half stitches per second) Helen Rehmann took home the title of fastest Swiss Champion. Hans-Rudolf Wahl, winner in the men's group, managed 3777 stitches in the same time.

Seventy-three people, of which seven were men, participated in the final. In the run up to the final, the 16 qualifying regional competitions had attracted interested from over 500 fans.

Click here to read more (in German or French)

Contender for BHKC Sponsored Fastest Knitter

On Sunday 20th February 2005, Miriam Tegels from The Netherlands knitted  257 stitches in 3 minutes. Miriam will be the one to watch at Alexandra Palace in October 2006.

Miriam Tegels

BHKC Sponsored Fastest Knitter 2004

Pictured during the Speed Challenge
Hazel is the clear winner

On Saturday 9th October 2004 Hazel Tindall from Shetland won the Speed Knitting Contest at Alexandra Palace with 255 stitches in 3 minutes.  This beat the previous 245 stitches in 3 minutes, achieved by Wendy Moorby at the last contest held in New York in 2003.

Click here to read more

BHKC Sponsored Fastest Crocheter

Lily and Susan practicing
At the start of the contest
As the votes are counted
Lily wins and Susan is runner-up

On Friday 8th October 2004, Lily Chin from America retained her BHKC title following a friendly battle against the UK's Susan Briscoe.  Lily did 82 trebles in 3 minutes, achieving a total of 328 points.

Click here to see Guinness World Records and current challenges





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