Commit to Knit

Commit to Knit is an initiative for National Knititng Week during October 2015. UK HAnd Knitting called on the great British knitting and crocheting public to support a number of charities that rely on your generosity to help them raise funds and awareness or provide items for those less fortunate.

In August 2015 we asked for nominations of charities that we could help, and the list grew and grew and we contacted each and every charity to make sure they could accept your items.

Now we are looking for 1,000 volunteers to Commit to Knit just one item for one of the charities on our list.  Of course if youw ant to make more items we know your chosen chairty would be delighted.

You can read more about the list of charities on our blog and you can sign up to Commit to Knit here
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