Learn to Knit & Crochet

  There are lots of ways to learn  to knit and crochet, from workshops to videos so we have gathered a few of our favourites together for you.
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For lots of us the only options for learning a knitting or crochet technique has been to puzzle it out from a book – I had a weird twisted crochet style for years – or hope you knew someone who already could do it. But now there are lots of workshops taking place all over the country.

Your local yarn shop may run regular knitting and crochet classes and our map will help you find your nearest if you haven’t visited it yet

Check out the workshop programmes for any yarn shows you plan to visit - combining a classh with some shopping can make a great day out.  Our events calendar will keep you in touch with events in your area.

If you really want to immerse yourself in learning a new technique or improving your skills why not sign up for a retreat or weekend workshop. It’s a chance to spend time with like minded people and have fun.

You can find out more about workshops by following the link below and if you have a workshop you'd like listed please email [email protected]
How to Videos
We have some great videos to help you get started.
Knitting in the round
Increasing and decreasing
Cable knitting
Mattress Stitch
Kitchener Stitch
Fair Isle Knitting
Continental Knitting
How to cast on
How to increase knitwise
How to knit
Creating a slip knot
How to purl
How to cast off
How to increase purlwise
How to knit 2 together
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