Why belong to a group?

Whether you are an experienced knitter or crocheter or someone taking up knitting for the first time, a knitting group has something for you:
  • They provide an opportunity to make new friends who already share an interest.
  • They can get you out of the house and give you some ‘me time’.
  • Knitting group members are always willing to help each other with advice when someone runs into difficulties with a project.
  • They give opportunities to share and swap patterns, and check out new yarns. Some even run yarn swap sessions.
  • Chance to work on group projects from yarnstorming to charity knitting.
  • Company at a yarn show. Yarn events can be more fun with others to share the joy of squishing a colourful skein and admire a new pattern.
Knitting groups come in all shapes and sizes and meet a variety of places – check our list to find one that’s right for you.

If you would like to add your knitting group to the list please click here.